a shared interest in the bounce (2014) is an open source game. At its centre lies an object designed with the primary function of resisting a multitude of 'anti-social' activities; namely the Camden Bench.

An invitation to play table tennis is used to subvert the piece of angular street furniture. Players work as a team to maintain the bounce of a ball against the angular surface of the bench. Instead of competing against each other, they must work together to actively engage the bench in competition.

a shared interest in the bounce draws attention to modes of architecture that try to deflect social problems from public spaces; rather than engaging in the necessary systemic changes that would ameliorate them. Through a subversive and playful act, the absurdities of aggressive architecture are brought to the fore. I hope to encourage critical engagement with the architectures that are present in cities, and question who cities are designed for and who they are designed against.

Players are encouraged to reconfigure the rules of the game as they see fit.

Press & Features:
Featured by Future Architecture, 2019
Review of MEANWHILE, LOWER.GREEN, Norwich, Sarah Lowndes, Enclave Review, 07/2018
Included in Cities + Secrets, Cities + Cities, 10/2015

With thanks to:
Charlie Evans
James Mijnlieff
Mamadu Tyson
Stephanie Irvine