Wave Tumbled Pebbles are Future Mountains
, Textiles, 228x200cm

Promises of Things to Come, 
Aspex, Portsmouth, May - Dec 2021

Promises of Things to Come (2021) is a set of three banners, which were commissioned for the 40th Anniversary of Aspex, Portsmouth. Their individual titles are: Wave Tumbled Pebbles are Future Mountains, One Day the Last Rubbish Will Crumble into Good Dirt, & Here We Witness Outlines Promises of Things to Come.

The three banners combine written metaphor, geological imagery, and literary references. One Day the Last Rubbish Will Crumble into Good Dirt quotes Marge Piercy’s feminist science fiction novel, Woman on the Edge of Time (1976). The banners are also influenced by Robert MacFarlane’s Underland: A Deep Time Journey (2019). These texts carry a sense of the temporary, fluctuating nature of all things, and connect with my ongoing concern regarding our relationship with the living planet.

One Day the Last Rubbish Will Crumble into Good Dirt, Textiles, 228x195cm, 2021

The banners were on display at Aspex, Portsmouth from 19 May to 23 Dec 2021. More information can be found here.

With thanks to:
Vickie Fear, Curator/Programme Manager, Aspex
Lara Kester, Assitant Curator, Aspex

Commissioned by:
Aspex, Portsmouth