Stills from Good Morning Bridge, HD video with sound, 5 minutes 18 seconds, 2021

From November 2020 to July 2021, I was part of Making of Us, The Turnpike’s professional development programme. Making of Us supported mid-career socially engaged artists, living and working in Greater Manchester.

As part of Making of Us, I worked in collaboration with Josie Hepplewhite, and students & staff at Bridge College (The Together Trust). Josie and I led a series of creative workshops, exploring; painting, monoprinting, collage, and performance. The results were presented as an exhibition at Bridge College. We also worked together to produce a DIY breakfast TV programme, in which the students starred. They play various roles, such as; presenters, reporters, and a sea monster. Each student devised their own scenario and performed in front of a green screen using props.

More information about the programme can be found here.

In collaboration with:
Josie Hepplewhite
Students & staff at Bridge College (The Together Trust)

With thanks to:
Shelley Cater-Shipway, Making of Us Project Coordinator
Emma Fry, Making of Us Project Coordinator
Hannah Gaunt, Learning and Engagement Manager, The Turnpike

Funded by:
Greater Manchester Combined Authority

In partnership with: