Pages from Words to Grieve: A Recipe Collection, 2022

Words to Grieve: A Recipe Collection (2022) is part of an ongoing project by Chris Alton and Emily Simpson, regarding grief and language. Having each been through a significant loss in our mid-20s, we found the English vocabulary for communicating about grief and loss to be inadequate. We’ve been speaking with others about their experiences of loss with the hope of finding common ground.

As part of this project we hosted a shared dinner. People were invited to bring a dish, which was cooked by or connected to the person they’d lost. After the dinner, we produced a publication containing recipes for the dishes people shared that evening, alongside reflections from our conversations.

This iteration of Words to Grieve was commissioned by A Modest Show, Manchester’s collateral programme to British Art Show 9. During BAS9, the publications were available for free from Rogue Studios, Paradise Works, and Longsight Art Space.

View a digital version here.

A Modest Show opens in Manchester with a programme full of food and art, Ellie-Jo Johnston & Lucy Tomlinson, Confidentials, 09/05/22

In collaboration with:
Emily Simpson

With thanks to:
Phil, Holme, Ellie, Jake, Neil, Jane, Rosie, Kathy, Margaret, Cathie, and those we spoke with who were unable to attend the meal

Printed by:
George Gibson

Commissioned by:
A Modest Show

Funded and supported by:
Arts Council England
Greater Manchester Combined Authority