During the mid-1960s, “an unknown rhythm 'n' blues band”* called Trident were briefly managed by the non-UK domiciled billionaire, Michael Ashcroft; a controversial figure notable for “opaque tax practices” and “operating in the dark". Under the Shade I Flourish (2015-16) imagines that Ashcroft continued to manage Trident.

By incorporating feedback from his life into their narrative, Under the Shade I Flourish engages in a cartographic process, which involves the cross-pollination of both fact and fiction.
Trident become a vehicle to discuss the connections between Britain's colonial history, offshore finance and soft power. Fictitious tours see them zigzag haphazardly between venues, mimicking financial graphs; song lyrics repurpose Latin mottos and tax terminology; and posters advertise performances in notorious centres of tax avoidance (including Belize, where Ashcroft resides).

*Dirty Politics, Dirty Times, Michael Ashcroft, 2005

Under the Shade I Flourish (excerpt), Film, 29 minutes 37 seconds, 2016

Under the Shade I Flourish, installed at Lewisham Arthouse, London, May 2016

Under the Shade I Flourish, installed at xero, kline & coma, London, March - April 2016

An Unknown Rhythm 'n' Blues Band called Trident, Resonance FM, 2016 

With thanks to:
Eli Carvajal, Noa Carvajal & Louis Cherniavsky (Actors & Music)
Ralph Pritchard (Director of Photography & Editor)
Terry Humphrey (Actor)
FloraMay Waterhouse (Actor)
Giles Dawson (Actor)
Imran Tyabji (Actor)
Rachel Hill
Giles Bunch
Ellie Wyatt (Printmaking)
Wysing Arts Centre
The Leverhulme Trust