Above: Animation* still from a workshop with skateboarders in Plymouth, 2022

The slabs whistle; a song under my wheels (working title), 2022

I’m currently working with skateboarders in Plymouth to develop a public artwork. Through animation, sticker design, and mapping workshops we’ve been looking at the city through the eyes of skateboarders.

Skateboarders see the city diferently and value spaces that other people couldn't care less about. Who else is paying attention to; that ledge round the back of Tesco; the paving slabs that make a whistling noise when you ride over them; or the stair set on top of the multi-storey carpark, which would be good if the landing wasn't so soft? Skateboarders move through the city diferently, picking the pavement that's smoothest and searching for spots in forgotten corners. We have our own map, plotted with particular routes, landmarks, and memories.

*The animation is based on a throwaway clip from Olly Howe’s Civicdaze (2013)

Funded by:
Arts Council England
Historic England, High Streets Heritage Action Zones Cultural Programme

Commissioned & Produced by:
Take A Part, Plymouth
KARST, Plymouth

Commissioned on behalf of:
Prime Skatepark

With thanks to:
Ben Borthwick, Head of Creative Programme, KARST, Plymouth
Lucy Elmes, Special Programmes Producer, Take A Part, Plymouth
The skateboarders of Plymouth who have participated in workshops and contributed to this project