More English than the Queen
Silkscreen printed t-shirt, S-XXL, 2016
Unlimited edition

Take Aim at the Clock
Textile banner, 76x110cm, 2021

Hope With Teeth (Purple & Gold)
Satin banner, 53x65cm, 2022


Crudely Plucking the Strings
Silkscreen print on paper, 84x60cm, 2018
Limited edition of 30

Throughout the Fragment of Infinity That We Have Come to Know
Silkscreen print on pearlescent paper, 30x42cm, 2020
Limited edition of 50, unframed

Seasonal Movement (Regular)
Digital print on bluebacked poster paper, 60x40cm, 2019

We Operate A Ladder System
Digital print on off-white paper, 21x30cm, 2016

Drawings & Collages

Artists Submit
Felt tip on paper, 14.5x21cm, 2020

Is It 4 Cats?
Felt tip on paper, 14.5x21cm, 2020

Untitled (Moon & Hands)
Found photos, envelope, tracing paper, glue, tape, 14x22.5cm, 2021
No such thing as an individual
Felt tip and ink on paper, 15x20cm, 2021

Solar Powered Monks of the North-East
Watercolour on paper, 29x42cm, 2019


Home for One Who is Away from Home
Risograph printed publication, 20x28cm, 16 pages, 2020
Limited edition of 100

Cassette tape, 10 tracks, 2016, Free mp3 download of all 10 tracks
Limited edition of 45

Misprint Publications (2016-21)
Silkscreen and digital prints on paper, binder rings
16 pages, 15x21cm, 2021
Edition of 10, each unique
Pay what you can afford (£8-12):

Each publication contains 16 cropped misprints from various projects*, produced between 2016 and 2021. All 10 editions are unique. I wanted to repurpose these prints, which would otherwise be considered waste. I invite people to use them as they see fit; as artworks, as sketchbooks, as paper for shopping lists.

*English Disco Lovers (EDL), Under the Shade I Flourish, Crudely Plucking the Strings, Seasonal Movement (Regular), etc.

HOME Limited Edition

Army surplus textiles, 30x30cm, 2020
Limited edition of 12, each unique

HOME #11
Army surplus textiles, 30x30cm, 2020
Limited edition of 12, each uniqe