Aaron Swartz died for you, Publication, 2018

Aaron Swartz died for you was produced to mark the 5 year anniversary of the death of activist, computer programmer and writer, Aaron Swartz. The publication contains; The Guerilla Open Access Manifesto, authored by Aaron; the Python code used by Aaron to conduct a mass-download from JSTOR; a short text by GitHub user Sprky0; and images. A copy of the publication was given to each person I spoke with during the day of Aaron's anniversary (January 11, 2018).

GENTLE, Sticker, 10x6cm, 2017

More English Than The Queen, Silkscreen printed t-shirt, 2016

Don't Mention Michael Ashcroft, Digital prints, 30x42cm, 30x42cm, 2016

The St. George's Cross and The Saltire of St. Andrew Washed Together on the Eve of The Scottish Referendum, HD video, 62 minutes, 2014

The night before the Scottish Independence Referendum, the national flags of England and Scotland were placed in a washing machine for an hour long cycle at 90 degrees. This action caused their colours to bleed and seep into each other. The result consists of two faded flags, tinged with pink and purple; each has become imbued with a part of the other. This blurring of divisive symbols could be seen as a contemporary ritual.