Home for One Who is Away from Home, Textiles, 150x150cm, 2020

Home for One Who is Away from Home (2020) is a pair of patchwork quilts, made from army surplus clothing. The fabric's origin is reflected in the colour palette; khaki, brown, navy blue and military green. Other hints are also present; an unnecessary seam, the curve of a pocket, or leftover buttons. They were produced to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Penn Club. The Penn Club was founded in 1920 by members of the Friends' Ambulance Unit (FAU)*; the quilts pay tribute to this history, as well as the club's connections to Quakerism and Quaker values.

They sit alongside a small publication, which includes an introduction, interviews with Gisela Creed and Sam Walton, images, and quilt templates.

Home for One Who is Away from Home, Risograph printed pamphlet, 2020

*The Friends' Ambulance Unit (FAU) was a volunteer ambulance service, founded by individual members of the British Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), in line with their Peace Testimony. The FAU operated from 1914–1919, 1939–1946 and 1946–1959 in 25 different countries around the world. It was independent of the Quakers' organisation and chiefly staffed by registered conscientious objectors.

Commissioned by:
The Penn Club, London

With thanks to:
Roger Bush
Gisela Creed
Sam Walton
Emily Simpson, Producer
Shy Bairns, Printing & Binding

Funded by:
The Penn Club, London