Left: Whose Croytopia? by Louise Ashcroft, Blue backed posters, 2019; Right: in)organic~matter(s by Sean Roy Parker, Mixed media, 2019

From October 2018 - January 2020, I was the Head of Public Realm Projects at Turf Projects, an artist-led space in Croydon. I curated Fungus Press: Turf Projects’ public art commission series, which programmes text-based artworks across several sites in Croydon.

Fungus Press:
As concerns grow regarding the privatisation of public spaces across London, and elsewhere, Fungus Press invites artists, designers & writers to respond to Croydon's public spaces through a series of newly commissioned billboard artworks. Sites include; Wandle Park's community garden and pond; Park Hill Park's walled garden; and Reeves Corner. The programme of artworks is complimented by a series of other works, including; published texts, walking tours and an audio guide.

The text-based posters aim to discuss and celebrate the importance and potential of Croydon's public spaces, offering alternative ways to navigate the area; both geographically and temporally. They relate to Croydon's untold past and its yet to be written future; reasserting the essential role that green spaces play throughout civic life: from articulating our sense of place, to encouraging democratic engagement.

The Reeves Corner structure was designed by George Chinnery. This structure uses visual signifiers from its immediate environment, including the ‘House of Reeves’ furniture shop and the Reeves Corner roundabout’s white picket fence. The structure also references the recent history of the area, commemorating the Reeves’ family furniture shop, part of which was sadly burnt down in Croydon’s 2011 riots. The Park Hill Park noticeboard was designed and made by artist & woodcarver Esme Toler.

Top: Framed Wide By Out Surroundings by Holly Graham, Blue-backed posters, 2019; Bottom (left): made known and navigated through, by Mandisa Apena, Blue backed poster, 2019; Bottom (right): #FYA by Ruth Beale, Blue-backed posters, 2019

Rhea Storr, RESIST AND PLAY, Dec 2018 - Feb 2019
Louise Ashcroft, Whose Croytopia? Feb - Apr 2019
Sean Roy Parker, in)organic~matter(s, Apr - June 2019
Mandisa Apena, made known and navigated through, June - Aug 2019
Chris Alton, B Atherton, Skye Baker, Sophie Blagden, Alice Cretney, Holly Graham, Rosie Mills Eckmire, Jhinuk Sarkar, Its Only Bondage was the Circling Sky, Aug - Sept 2019
Ruth Beale, #DFTBA, Sept - Nov 2019
Flora Hunt, Sticky Dusty Car Park Witch, Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

Funded by:
Arts Council England