Version #3 of Grief Must be Love With Nowhere to Go, Billboard, 2023, in collaboration with Emily Simpson

Text by Sunshine Wong:

“Over the last two years, [Chris Alton & Emily Simpson] have been organising gatherings to explore the different emotional and linguistic aspects of grief – particularly bereavement – that are consciously life-affirming: what does life look and feel like after the death of someone or something dear? Unreliable, complicated and persistent, Chris & Emily seek to demonstrate grief’s mutability in a billboard work that will similarly shift over its four-month lifespan. Bloc Projects invite you to pay it a visit every few weeks to check in on it, to tap into the many dimensions of the losses we harbour.”

More information here, including an audio track that accompanies the billboard.

In collaboration with:
Emily Simpson

With thanks to:
Sunshine Wong, Curator, Bloc Projects
David Gilbert, Director, Bloc Projects

Commissioned by:
Bloc Projects, Sheffield