English Disco Lovers (EDL), Cambridge Graffiti, 2013

English Disco Lovers (EDL) (2012-15) was a multifaceted protest movement, which aimed to reclaim the EDL acronym of the English Defence League. Drawing upon the history and etymology of disco, as a site of musical resistance, it redeploys the genre in opposition to contemporary fascism.

English Disco Lovers (EDL) exists as a shared idea across various forms, including: online occupations (e.g. Googlebombing), street-level protests, club nights, talks and exhibitions.


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TEDxBrighton: Losing Control, Brighton Dome, Brighton, October 2015
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English Disco Lovers (EDL), Birmingham Protest, 2013
English Disco Lovers (EDL), Tower Hamlets Protest, 2013
English Disco Lovers (EDL), Tower Hamlets Protest, 2013

English Disco Lovers (EDL), Brighton Protest, 2013

English Disco Lovers (EDL), installed at the Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg, DE, Sept - Oct 2015 (photos by Marcel Schwierin)

With thanks to:
Gerrard Fife
Sam Moffett
Elaine Ortiz
Muzz Khan
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