Still from Crudely Plucking the Strings, HD film, 8 minutes 6 seconds, 2018

In 1607 the Bristol Channel was struck by a disastrous flood, which some hypothesise to have been caused by a tsunami. Over 2,000 people drowned, houses and villages were swept away, and the local agricultural economy was destroyed. In the aftermath of the flood, pamphleteers produced and distributed short printed texts, featuring illustrative woodcuts, which told of the fateful event. These documents are some of the only surviving records of the flood.

Crudely Plucking the Strings re-tells the 1607 flood with a new cast. The film’s focal point is Hinkley Point C; the yet to be completed nuclear power station that sits on the southern bank of the Bristol Channel. When it is finally complete, Hinkley Point C will be the most expensive power station in the world. Crudely Plucking the Strings riffs on and subverts the tropes of traditional flood myths, using the form to deliver a speculative narrative regarding the interconnected nature of nuclear power, climate change and extreme weather.

Originally produced for the launch of The Billboard, Spit & Sawdust, Cardiff, May 2018

Artist & Director: Chris Alton
Producers: Chris Alton & Jacob Plant Dempsey
Director of Photography: Jacob Plant Dempsey
Editor: Jacob Plant Dempsey
Script: Chris Alton
Voice Actor: Phoebe Davies
Original Soundtrack: StevieRay Latham
Sound Editor: Chris Alton

With thanks to:
Rachel Hill
Karis Upton
Richard Alton

Commissioned by:
Spit & Sawdust

Funded by:
The Arts Council of Wales
The National Lottery
The Welsh Government