Counterpoint, Risograph printed publication, 2018

Counterpoint was produced by Syllabus III for more of an avalanche at Wysing Arts Centre, Feb - Apr 2018.

more of an avalanche presents work produced, researched, shared or discussed at Wysing in 2017 when the programme was developed around the theme of Polyphonic (many voices). The exhibition takes the term ‘snowflake’ as a starting point; a term used pejoratively by the political right to code dissent as whining, vulnerability as over-sensitivity and the right to protest as a willingness to take offence. Across Wysing's gallery and a screening room, works take sensitivity and fragility as a starting point and look for strength in numbers and strength in networks.

The publications includes contributions from: Jill McKnight, Frederica Agbah, Conor Baird, Karis Upton, Ilker Cinarel, Phoebe Davies, Freya Dooley, Chris Alton, Ben Sanderson, and Rose Gibbs

A digital copy can be viewed here.

With thanks to:
John Bloomfield, Wysing Arts Centre

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