CaCO3-in, Digital image, 2020

CaCO3-in is an ‘expanded essay’, which consists of: a collection of real and imagined currencies, and an accompanying text. The collection sits on top of a custom made table, whose legs are based on the Traditional Chinese character 貝 (bei). Currencies include; cowrie shells; a George III Cartwhell Twopence (1797), which weighed its exact value in copper; the Ottring Pound (2008-13), a local currency that reflected the ideas of Silvio Gesell; and CaCO3-in (2030-) whose value is based on the “overall health of the Earth's oceans”.

was originally produced for Throughout the Fragment of Infinity That We Have Come to Know, The NewBridge Project, Gateshead, Mar - Sept 2020. A second iteration of the work is currently in development.

CaCO3-in, Shells, plaster, coins, banknotes, acrylic, digital image, display table, text, 2020

3D Modelling: Chris Mewies (Mewies Design)
Furniture fabrication: Joseph Shaw

Commissioned by:
The NewBridge Project, Newcastle/Gateshead

With thanks to:
Niomi Fairweather, Programme Director, The NewBridge Project
Rebecca Huggan, Director, The NewBridge Project

Funded by:
Arts Council England
Community Foundation, Newcastle