Chris Alton is an artist and curator, whose practice spans; documentary film, music videos, online interventions, disruptive design, live events and exhibitions. Whether deploying disco music in opposition to fascism or playing table tennis in competition with aggressive architecture, his work interrogates symbolic manifestations of power, such as; coats of arms, Latin mottos, corporate identities, mythological weaponry and national flags. He works to destabilise or subvert their logic, undermining their shaky foundations through humour and play.

In 2012 he founded the English Disco Lovers (EDL), a satirical protest group that looked to reclaim the 'EDL' acronym of the English Defence League. The project involved; online occupations, street-level protests, club nights, talks and exhibitions. Other recent projects include Under the Shade I Flourish (2015-16), in which a mid-1960s rhythm 'n' blues band became a vehicle to discuss the interconnected nature of Britain's colonial history, tax avoidance and soft power. The band in question had formerly been managed by Michael Ashcroft, a notorious business man and political figure. In 2017 he curated You're Surrounded by Me at Turf Projects, Croydon, a group exhibition which commented “on the political importance of love, humour, non-violence, collaboration and speculative futures”. (Hatty Nestor, Studio International, September 2017)

Alton is currently a participant in Syllabus III, an alternative peer-led learning programme. Commissions include; Adam Speaks, The National Trust, Croome, Worcestershire, 2017; and Keeley Round, Turf Projects, Croydon, 2016. Exhibitions include; more of an avalanche, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, 2018 (group); You're Surrounded by Me, Turf Projects, Croydon, 2017 (group); the man who moved too far, too fast, Lewisham Arthouse, London, 2016 (solo); Of the Sea, The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, 2016 (group); Under the Shade I Flourish, xero, kline & coma, London, 2016 (solo); and Outdancing Formations, Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg, 2015 (dual, with Marta Popivoda). Awards, bursaries and publications include; Fenton Arts Trust Bursary 2017; Light Eye Mind Graduate Award 2016; A.P.T Graduate Studio Award 2016; Edith-Russ-Haus Award for Emerging Media Artists of the Sparda Bank 2015; Lewisham Arthouse Graduate Studio Award 2015; Catlin Guide 2015; and Collyer Bristow Graduate Award 2014.


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